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Delivering great customer service and optimal results is what drives Attain’s growth and success. Our firm cannot deliver upon that promise without the total dedication and support of an incredibly talented staff. We are proud of our people and all that they contribute to not only our business, but more importantly, to our client’s ongoing interests.

Our team is comprised of the leadership and client facing members of our parent company, RCM Alternatives; with our research and due diligence team having been together for 12 years. Through that time, they have analyzed hundreds of thousands of daily trades across more than 50 managed futures programs accessing markets as simple as Corn or Wheat, as exotic as Malaysian Palm Oil, and as diverse as Cotton and German Bund futures.


Jeff_box_pic Jeff Eizenberg – Director of Portfolio Management
312-870-1537 | jeizenberg@rcmam.com

Mr. Eizenberg has been with Attain since its launch in 2002, and is one of the partners of the firm   and member of the Board of Directors and firm Investment Committee. Mr. Eizenberg focuses on client portfolio development. Having worked both with investors in a hands on role and with the markets via automated system execution for 13+ years, he is in a unique position to evaluate and recommend appropriate investor allocation blends to best fit their investment goals and objectives.

john_square_bx John Cummings, CAIA – Director of Business Development
312-870-1520 | jcummings@rcmam.com

With Attain since its founding in 2002, John is responsible for sourcing CTAs from across the globe and leading Attain’s due diligence efforts. John holds an MBA, the Chartered Alternative Investment Association (CAIA) designation and has a background which includes executing trades for a fund and operating automated trading models, giving him unique insight into how a manager’s trades translate into a defined strategy and edge (or not). His good humor and encyclopedic knowledge of the universe of managed futures programs make him a favorite with clients.

walter_bx_squ Walter Gallwas – President, Founding Partner
312-870-1544 | wgallwas@rcmam.com 

Mr. Gallwas is a 15+ year veteran of the futures industry, with experiences ranging from the trading pits, to executing trading systems, to building and running a successful CTA. His knowledge of the trading business, and contacts with what seems like everyone in the industry, is a tremendous asset for Attain in securing relationships with top tier clearing firms, service providers, and more.

malec_bx_squ Jeff Malec, CAIA – CEO, Founding Partner
312-870-1576 | jmalec@rcmam.com

A 16-year veteran of the futures industry, Mr. Malec holds the Chartered Alternative Investment Association (CAIA) designation, and has authored hundreds of white papers covering alternative investments. His career started in Chicago’s famed trading pits as a clerk and has included roles as a commodity broker and principal of multiple commodity funds. He co-founded Attain in 2002 and sits on the Board of Directors of the National Futures Association and Commodity Customer Coalition.

Lauren_bx_squ Lauren Berliner – Director of Client Relations
312-870-1528 | lberliner@rcmam.com

With over ten years of experience in Client Relations, Lauren leads by facilitating communication between brokers, RIAs, IRA Custodians, CPOs, and CTAs. Lauren continually researches and implements tools to improve the account opening process, making the actual opening process an easy and enjoyable experience. Before joining the Attain Funds team, she received her BS in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Illinois.

bradbard_bx_squ Matt Bradbard – Director
312-870-1653 | mbradbard@rcmam.com

Matthew joined the Attain Portfolio Advisors team when Attain joined forces with RCM Alternatives, the registered brokerage firm side of the business. Matthew began his career in the commodities business as an advisor to clients on asset allocation and buy/sell decisions. Matthew used to manage his own global macro fund that traded numerous futures and options strategies. Most recently, Matthew operated MB Wealth Corporation, a full-service retail commodity brokerage firm.

prieger_bx Paul Rieger – Managing Director & Partner
312-870-1512 | prieger@rcmam.com

Paul also joined the Attain Portfolio Advisors team when Attain joined forces with RCM Alternatives, the registered brokerage firm side of the business. Paul Rieger has spent most of his career leading an execution desk that specializes in servicing commodity trading advisors (CTAs), hedge funds, commercial hedgers, institutional traders and high-net-worth clients. Paul spends most of his time helping high-net-worth investors, fund of funds, RIAs and introducing brokers access quality managed futures investment products.

ruth_squ_bx Ruth Baerman – Relationship Manager
312-870-1567 | rbaerman@rcmam.com

Ruth also joined the Attain Portfolio Advisors team when Attain joined forces with RCM Alternatives, the registered brokerage firm side of the business. Before Ruth’s four years with RCM Alternatives, she started at Jack Carl Futures in 1996, before its acquisition by Man Financial, where she worked until November 2011. Ruth’s clients are self-directed, or participants in the managed futures space, at various levels of the alternatives spectrum. Her focus is heavily service-oriented.

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