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We wish there was a quick 5 page brochure which would outline all there is to know about Alternative Investments, but it’s just not that easy (we’ve been at it in two decades and still learn things week in and week out). Some people need the basics, while others need custom data on funds their invested in, while others are looking to keep tabs on performance and the overall environment for alternatives.
Learning comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why we’ve developed multiple different ways to learn more: >> Download our free whitepaper


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There’s a lot to talk about in alternative investments… Soybean and Corn crop reports, exploding trains hauling Crude Oil, the latest Liquid Alt Mutual Funds, and why Commodity ETFs suck to name a few. We’ve been topping off investors alternatives knowledge every day since 2010 with posts on topics such as those, looks into other asset classes, book recommendations, and analysis of manager’s trading and current positions.

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Dig deeper into the world of alternatives with long form content getting more into the conversation. What’s the history of alternatives, what sort of performance profile can investors expect, why have some sectors been underperforming, and education. on the stats, types, and players in the alternative space are all laid out in 10-15 minute reads.

Truth and Lies in Alternative Investments

As frightening market volatility continues, how do Alternative Investments fit in your portfolio.

Managed Futures Performance Profile

Learn how managed futures can act as bear market protection by providing absolute returns and provide true diversification to a portfolio.

The History of Managed Futures

It seemed like the perfect diversifier following 2008, but there have been losses in 4 out of 5 years since then. Why has managed futures been struggling? And what can you do about it?




Fund Specifics

Want to learn how the sausage is made? Get details on how the sub-advisors behind each of Attain’s Alternative Investment funds decide on market sectors, their risk management, professional backgrounds, and philosophy behind their investment models. Then delve into the historical track records, all of the risk/reward statistics, and comparisons between each Fund, their peer group and relevant benchmarks.

Trend Following

Trend Following

A trend following model which attempts to generate profits from the observed non-normal distribution of price movements (fat tails) via quantitative trading models, focusing on a longer time frame, low turnover and lower number of positions to reduce cost drag.

Relative Value

Relative Value

Relative Value, or spread trading, attempts to take advantage of relative pricing inefficiencies in related markets, like WTI and Brent Crude Oil or December Corn and July Corn, in order to generate a profit. Trades may vary based on date, market and the goal of the positions, under a variety of risk management techniques.

Short Term Alpha

Short Term Alpha

The fund utilizes a systematic program designed to capture short term directional price movements in a diversified set of markets. The models seek to anticipate periods of short-term volatility expansion, establish a perceived directional bias, and then enter the market at an early stage of such a move, with overlaying filters that dynamically adjust trade size and existing market exposure to stabilize volatility.

Custom Research

Looking for research specific to the managed futures products you’re currently involved in? We’ve spent more than a decade looking under the hood of clients’ managed futures exposure for market attribution, hidden fees, strategy deviation, and performance profile mismatches (often times investors are heavily exposed to stocks and bonds inside of their alternatives allocation). We’ll do a free 4 point review of your current alternative investment exposure comparing costs, the underlying strategy, and the performance and risk profile to relevant benchmarks. Contact us today to receive your free assessment.

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Why are Managed Futures a popular Alternative Investment?

There is no guarantee that any investment product will achieve its objectives, generate profits or avoid losses.


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