We Love Working With Advisors

Our low cost, consultative, education based approach to managed futures is a natural fit with the fee based advisor community. We love to work with RIAs because their fiduciary duty tends to lead to an educational and research driven approach to the investments they recommend for their clients, not just the highest trail.

That is a philosophy shared by Attain, where we believe in a heavy dose of education and research both before and after you become a client, having published hundreds of whitepapers and blog posts on the world of alternative investments and sending out monthly updates to our investors detailing the why and how their investment moved up or down the previous month.



Looking Under The Hood

We’ve spent more than a decade looking under the hood of clients managed futures exposure for market attribution, hidden fees, strategy deviation, and performance profile mismatches (often times investors are heavily exposed to stocks and bonds inside of their alternatives allocation). We’ll do a free 4 point review of your current alternative investment exposure comparing costs, the underlying strategy, and the performance and risk profile to relevant benchmarks. Contact us today to receive your free assessment.





Education On Alternatives

Survey after survey has shown education to be one of advisors biggest needs in the alternatives space, and we believe that means more than just a glossy brochure showing how managed futures is non-correlated to the stock market.

Attain believes education means analysis of what’s happening now, not just what happened over the past decade; and provides daily research and commentary via its popular daily blog covering all things alternative investments, as well as periodic whitepapers digging deeper into topics, guest posts by fund managers, and more. See here.





While not exchange listed securities, the Attain Family of Alternative Investment Funds are linked with custodians and reporting services such as Schwab, Fidelity, Pershing, Black Diamond and more so your client’s investment shows up on their statements and in your reporting software. For those with custom needs, Attain can provide a daily file with position level transparency for each fund investment to input into your risk or reporting system.




Looking for something a bit different, like private funds under your own brand, an ETF or mutual fund comprised of certain alternatives known to you and others vetted by Attain, or a fund of fund product… Attain has worked with several clients in a consulting role assisting in many different areas of product creation, including the research, setup and/or management of the structure or due diligence and assessment of sub-advisors. Call us at 800.311.1145 to explore how we may assist in your custom project.


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